Elegant Tips & Toes

Our Nail Salon is a specialist nail service catering for the ladies in the Municipality of Kingborough and surrounding areas. favicon

You may contact us on telephone 6229 1739.

Our trading name, “Elegant Tips & Toes” reflects the core business activity that we aim to pursue. That is, a specialist nail salon service which has ‘quality’ as the key aspect of the business.

An elegant nail service is reflective of what ladies look for when they seek out a salon service to provide them with their  chosen nail product and service.  Elegant, therefore, is the key word we wish to be known by, when we deliver ‘Beautiful Nail Artistry’ for all of our ladies.

To achieve an elegant service standard, we reflect upon four key aspects for our nail service. The four key words are:


Beauty is the delivery of a  fashionable product and service.  Knowledgeable about the industry and new products.  Commitment to making your investment with a nail design which meets and goes beyond your expectation and Health for both staff and clients by ensuring that equipments are sterilised before use and the utilising a fume extraction system within the salon.faviconfaviconfavicon

When choosing a Logo, we immediately settled on a Lotus Flower.  For us, the “Lotus Flower” symbolised the key aspects, beauty, commitment, health, and knowledge all of which are paramount in making this nail artistry business a massive success. We have cleverly imposed the image of a Finger Nail onto the Lotus Flower, and impressed a Diamond there also!

We trust that you will enjoy the service on offer and receive many favourable comments about your new nail designs.

We are situated next door to Gloria Jean’s Coffees, behind Dick Smith. Telephone 6229 1739 for appointments.


Welcome to Elegant Tips and Toes

We are a specialist Nail Salon serving the beautiful ladies in Kingborough and greater Hobart. We have established the service in the heart of Kingston, at the wonderful Channel Court Shopping Centre.

Our am to be your preferred Nail Salon destination to access all Nail services. A Local Nail Salon means you don’t have to travel  too far.

We welcome all Ladies to come in and visit the Salon and to meet Jane, our Salon Manager and to see what’s on offer.

Bookings can be made to secure a service, by telephoning 6229 1739.





Beauty | Knowledge | commitment | Health


Our Services

Telephone 6229 1739 for appointments.

Spa Pedicure:

This is a procedure which includes soaking your feet in warm water, then your feet and toe nails will be cleaned, trimmed and the dead skin cells removed. The process also includes a foot massage and the process is finished off by applying a nail polish.


We use an acrylic or gel to coat your natural nail without adding any length. The benefit to have an overlay is that it strengthens your natural nail.

Acrylic Nail:

We extend your nail by false tips or by bio-sculpture; we use monomer liquid and acrylic powder sculpting over your nail until it covers all your nail and false tips.

Gel Nail:

Is similar to Acrylic, however it requires curing your nails under UV lamp for 2 minutes to make the gel harden to assist the forming of the nail.


We apply a small bead of acrylic or gel on the gap to be infilled.


Shellac is a gel colour and lasts longer than normal nail polishes. Shellac nail style requires the application of a base gel coat, a colour coat and a top coat, cured under the UV  lamp.

3D Nail Art:

3D nail art is a float flower which is created from acrylic powder and monomer liquid by a small brush on  your finger nail.


This includes trimming and polishing of the nails and removing cuticles.

Shop Timings:

Monday to Thursday          9 am – 5 pm

Friday                                    9 am – 6 pm

Saturday                               9 am – 4 pm

Sunday                                   Closed



(03) 6229 1739

Appointments Preferred


Gift Vouchers

We are please to make available a Gift Voucher service. Purchases can be made at the Shop Reception point.

Here is the small print surrounding the policy about Gift Vouchers.

Gift Voucher Policy
Gift Vouchers can be redeemed only at Elegant Tips & Toes, Shop 87b Channel Court Shopping Centre, Kingston.
Gift Vouchers are not redeemable for cash
Gift Vouchers may only be redeemed once in one transaction.
Gift Vouchers will expire 6 months from the date of issue, unless expressly stated otherwise.
Gift Voucher must be surrendered in store upon redemption.
If a purchase exceeds the voucher amount, the balance must be paid by other available payment options.
Expired Gift Vouchers are not redeemable and Gift Voucher amounts will not be refunded or credited when expired.
Defaced, mutilated, altered, lost or stolen Gift Vouchers will not be replaced, refunded or redeemed.
Elegant Tips & Toes does not accept any responsibility for lost or stolen vouchers.
Elegant Tips & Toes reserves the right to verify the identity of the bearer.
Only valid with an Elegant Tips & Toes imprint.
Elegant Tips & Toes reserves the right to change any terms contained in the terms of use at any time.
Elegant Tips & Toes.


Refund Policy
Whilst all care is taken with providing our Nail Design products, we are not responsible and cannot refund for incidents which includes nail damage, chips, smudging, and cracking as a result of customer activity.
Repair Policy
We will repair or fix a problem, without charge, such as lifting of tips or colour deterioration, if the problems occurs and you return to the Salon within 3 days of your appointment.



Beauty | Knowledge | commitment | Health


Introducing our Salon Manager, Jane


Jane is a qualified and experienced Nail Technician. She holds Nail Technician qualifications from both VietNam and Australia and she has recently graduated from the University of Tasmania, being awarded with a Bachelor of Business.

Jane is looking forward to meeting all of our ladies and providing them with a consultation for their needs.

Her catch phrase is delivering ‘Beautiful Nail Artistry’ a quality service for you.


 Telephone 6229 1739 for appointments.





Beauty | Knowledge | commitment | Health


Beauty | Knowledge | commitment | Health


Beauty | Knowledge | commitment | Health